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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder refers to diseases of the mental sphere of the person. This disease has the second name: manic-depressive psychosis. The disease is accompanied by periods of depression and periods of strong excitation. When the patient is in high spirits, the period of the illness called psychosis. It all depends on degree of excitation of the patient. A small degree of excitement called mania or hypomania. But even in these cases in human behavior are symptoms of psychosis.

In the period of mania a person has symptoms such as abnormal state of fun. The person feels elated, trying to make the people around him feel just as himself. Despite the demonstration of happiness and joy, he can quickly become angry, sometimes very irritable. If a person is in the workplace, he shows remarkable ability in work. Surrounding people immediately notice the explosive character of a person. Person accomplishes poor thoughtful things, for which absolutely does not want to take responsibility. But exhibits tireless energy in all, leading to tragic consequences. The person’s health in danger, during the maniac stage.

  • The person is little need for sleep during the manic stage. Periods of depression accompanied by depressed mood. Person may be crying, do not hesitate to others, tries not to engage in eye contact with others. Maniacal status finished suicide. But at this stage the person may harm himself. Often maniac state provokes the using of strong chemicals and drugs.
  • Maniacal disorder may be accompanied by other mental disorders such as anxiety disorders. The causes of manic depression were unclear. Scientists believed that they are dependent on environmental and genetic factors. Now it has been proven that the genetic factor plays a crucial role in the emergence of such disorders.
  • In the 21st century we have more knowledge about the mental life of people. We learned that person consists of its physical shell and substance or mental sheath. The share in person the second essence, maybe even the opposite of the entity, gives these manifestations of the psyche. People need to take care of the health of each other.

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