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Suhagra VS Viagra

The battle to gain supremacy in the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drug market has waged on ever since Pfizer brought Viagra to the market. But with Suhagra now readily available, especially through convenient online pharmacies, men all over the world are starting to take a closer look at their choices. They are not just looking at Viagra in the context of Suhagra, but taking a whole new look at the "Brand name versus Generic name" debate.

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So, you've finally come to terms with it: You've got Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and it's causing immense challenges to your intimate life. You've researched Viagra, the most popular ED drug available in the market today - but you've also heard of the side effects. But now, someone mentions Suhagra, and you are wondering if that's an option?

 What is Suhagra?

If you know Viagra, then you already know Suhagra too. Why? Well, because:

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